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Quartz-Movement Watch Customized to Your Brand

With battery-operated mechanism and quartz movement, quartz watch is one kind of self-winding wristwatch. Utilizing the electronic oscillator regulated by a quartz crystal, a quartz watch can have a very precise signal frequency to keep time. Built in the 19th century, the quartz movement technology of no matter Swiss mechanism or Japanese type is mature and reliable.

YMTIME’s featured quartz watches are compact and inexpensive widely-accepted in global markets. We provide all-sided bespoke service to customize your watch style, shape, material, movement, and package meeting your ideas and needs in a cost-efficient way.

Feature Advantages of Quartz Watch

The most popular watch styles lately with an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

Accurate Time

Barely veering from the exact time, quartz movement watch has excellent time precision.

Ease To Use

Without the manual winding for ticking, quartz watch is battery-powered simple to use.

Higher Cost Efficiency

The less complicated design compared to mechanical watch makes quartz watch less costly.

Lower Maintenance

Fewer mechanical parts and battery-operated construction will require less maintenance.

Value-added Service & Support

We Bring Resourceful OEM/ODM Watch Solutions

Your specific watch customization needs will be completely met from consultation to aftersales support. We commit to your worry-free watch purchasing experience.

  • 2D/3D Branding Timepiece Design
  • Efficient Sample Prototyping
  • Precise Watch Processing & Handcrafting
  • Tailor-made Packaging Proposals

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