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Rubber/Silicone Wristwatch Bespoke to Your Market

Elite silicone straps or even cases made of rubber can endure a wide range of temperatures and a great deal of force without deformation. Furthermore, silicone-made watches are extremely soft to touch and giving wearer a great comfort on the wrist. Not to mention this kind of material makes the watch more lightweight and ideal for frequent use.

Being a trusted wristwatch manufacturing company, YMTIME ensures your full access to silicone watch customization on design, color, size, hand type, watch movement, and more with all-inclusive custom service to shorten your project period and save more costs.

Feature Advantages of Silicone Watch

Silicone watches can be made into colorful straps to increase the comfort of application scenes

Adjustable hardness and softness

The hardness of the silicone watch can be adjusted according to demand, as long as it is comfortable to wear

Adjustable strap color

The color of the silicon watch is very rich, and there is basically no color that can not be debugged.

A variety of materials available

Easy to wear, the watch head can be matched with different materials, such as rubber, silicon, and fluororubber strap.

Variety Shape Of Strap

Because the toughness of the watchband is more flexible, it can be made into different shapes to meet the needs of different customer groups

Value-added Service & Support

We Bring Resourceful OEM/ODM Watch Solutions

Your specific watch customization needs will be completely met from consultation to aftersales support. We commit to your worry-free watch purchasing experience.

  • 2D/3D Branding Timepiece Design
  • Efficient Sample Prototyping
  • Precise Watch Processing & Handcrafting
  • Tailor-made Packaging Proposals

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