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Professional OEM & ODM Watchmaking Service

Needs Identification

Needs Identification

Consist of a elite team of wrist watch professionals and keen designers, we are poised to extensively study your in-depth watch customization demands and make a targeted proposal suitable to your case.

  • Comprehensive Project Analysis
  • Potential Needs Exploration
  • Watch Branding
  • Professional & Budget-friendly Solution
2D/3D Style Design

2D/3D Style Design

Utilizing sophisticated computer-aided software, our well-trained designers effectively actualize your watch design with all sides of the watch precisely rendered, so that you have a full picture.

  • Design Effect Visualization
  • Developed CAD Technology
  • Compatible 2D or 3D Options
  • Flexible Adjustment on Demand
Watch Prototyping

Watch Prototyping

In YMTIME’s in-house watch-manufacturing plant equipped with complete-setting CNC facilities, we are able to process your watch prototype quickly for your efficient product evaluation and amendment.

  • Precise Prototype Processing
  • Leading CNC Machining Technology
  • Exact Design Representation
  • Short Sample Making Period
Material Preparation

Material Preparation

YMTIME maintains a long-term relationship with top watch component suppliers, such as watch movement brand Seiko, Citizen, ETA, and more. With such, we guarantee the first-class watch performance.

  • Suitable Component Sourcing
  • Quality-ensured Material Resource
  • Custom-made Watch Parts
  • Reliable and Stable Supply Chain
Watch Processing

Watch Processing

Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and masterly craftsmen, YMTIME processes your branded wristwatch strictly according to the design data from molding, drilling, polishing, to assembling.

  • Precise Watch CNC Machining
  • Exquisite Handcraft Further Processing
  • Branding Element Silk Printing
  • Meticulous Component Assembly
Packaging Solution

Packaging Solution

In accordance to your project budget, our experienced team will figure the most cost-efficient branding watch packaging solution with the suited box, flannelette, and any other packaging accessories.

  • Brand-oriented Package
  • Adaptive Package Design
  • High-Grade Package Protection
  • Long-term Dependable Package Supplier

Meticulous Craftsmanship Realizing Artwork-like Timepiece

Fine handcrafting combined with advanced machine processing is creating timeless watch masterpieces everyday at YMTIME.

Fine Case Polishing

Repeated polishing will be processed by hand exquisitely making each angle on watch is smooth, nice-looking, and flawless.

Tiny Hole Drilling

Each delicate hole will find its correct position on the watch to make sure seamless performance and the later assembling.

Decoration Inlaying

Decorative parts like diamond will be carefully encrusted onto intended position by hand giving the watch an exceptional look.

Watch Hand Assembly

Ticking hands are significant for the display of a fine-made wristwatch. Our skilled workers excel at assembling hands precisely.

Stringently-checked Fine Quality Won’t Fail Your Trust

Thorough quality control implementations are taken both in-house and third-party to guarantee unparalleled quality as promised.

Incoming Component Inspection

A great number of original components are carefully listed, classified and checked to ensure timepiece quality from the initial.

Watch Appearance Inspection

Stringent inspection on the size of case and hole, surface coating, polish effect, and more will be carried out to ensure perfect exterior.

Performance Inspection

Waterproofness, shock resistance, and vacuum tests are taken to qualified performance of our watch products.

Packaging Inspection

Complete packaging check from the branding specifications to the packaging consistency and integrity will taken place afterwards.

Before-Shipment Check

Even before delivery, we take random inspection on the quality of the watch and its package making sure you receive the correct product.

First-Hand Sophisticated Factory Resource

Self-owned Manufacturing Plant with Senior Tech

An in-house factory is your direct assurance on quality and time efficiency. YMTIME’s plant keeps everything highly compliant and developed to output stable top-quality wristwatches.

Self-contained Watch Research & Development

YMTIME owned a specialized in-house watch R&D department responsible for developing new watch styles and optimizing watch performance. Every year we introduce new designs with brand-new story in the pursuit of highlighting brands and promoting sales. Endless innovation will inspire our mutual process.

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