Classy Wooden Watch of Choice

Natural Bamboo/Wood Timepiece Custom-made to Your Needs

Naturally-made wood or bamboo wristwatch is an uprising star in the watch industry. Its textured look and natural touch give an impression of original simplicity. Made from reclaimed and repurposed woods of wide varieties, such a design is highly regarded as an environmental-friendly choice. And with the proper care, bamboo or wood making watch can last its quality a lifetime.

As a trustworthy watch manufacturer, YMTIME also provides wooden timepiece model customized to individual branding needs. From watch molding to final products, we have the leading-edge technology to ensure reliable-quality wooden/bamboo watches with stable supply.

Feature Advantages of Wooden Watch

The light wooden watch gives a fresh and refined feeling

Light To Carry

The material of the wooden watch is lighter than that of the metal watches, easy to carry

Convenient shape adjustment

Wooden watches come in more varied shapes than traditional metal watches 

The strap matches flexibly

Separate wood watch case, can match varies strap, become unique

Looks more textured

The exterior of a wooden watch looks more textured because of the visual aesthetic

Value-added Service & Support

We Bring Resourceful OEM/ODM Watch Solutions

Your specific watch customization needs will be completely met from consultation to aftersales support. We commit to your worry-free watch purchasing experience.

  • 2D/3D Branding Timepiece Design
  • Efficient Sample Prototyping
  • Precise Watch Processing & Handcrafting
  • Tailor-made Packaging Proposals

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